Launching fall 2021

Cerebro is a knowledge mapping platform-as-a-service for use in small, medium and enterprise organizations.

The founders of Cerebro Corporation are Tristan Wedderburn & Keeyan Ravanshid.

Cerebro is:

  • Helping people to improve knowledge absorption and consolidation in today's information-saturated world/web;

  • Automatically tagging (and allowing users to tag) important conversations and tidbits of info in team communication applications such as Slack, Discord, Teams and others;

  • Sharing knowledge maps with platform users, giving them timely access to resources they've accessed, allowing them to tag important information for use in team wiki's or future troubleshooting exercises;

  • Automatically provisioning curated teams of personnel (via popular communication apps like Slack/Discord/Teams/others) and instigating problem-solving discussions via suggested prompts, after detecting problem areas based on customer wiki-search and research interest behavior;

  • Furnishing privacy-respectful insights to HR about problem solving patterns in their company, and allowing them to compare with anonymized benchmark data from other organizations using the PaaS

Cerebro will be launching in Beta in August 2021, and an MVP release is planned for mid-autumn 2021.